Thursday, October 28, 2010

Soul Harvest. You're doing it wrong.

Okay, I've decided to finally update this damn thing. That's the point, isn't it? Update with a couple of lock tips and facts and keep people educated as I continue to learn this new class of 4.0.1 warlock.

Straight from 4.0.1 we bring you, soul harvest; not just a resource gain.

Soul Harvest as I'm sure all new and old warlocks are aware of, is the ability given to us to gain soul shards that we may burn aimlessly for fun or damage, but wait.. if we read the tooltip we see it HEALS US OUT OF COMBAT! Fear, hide, cast. Just being put in combat will not ruin the channel, so what do you have to lose? A very short CD and easy health gain. We've always been that one bitch that's hard to catch because we have too much fucking CC, so use it! Jam in a health stone, demon armor, soul harvest and a bandage and you'll have full health again.

I recently watched a warlock on my server vs. a shadow priest and endlessly lose. A 2200 player vs. a 2200 player, equal gear and he just couldn't kill him. What's the answer? Fear, run, harvest, try again. I vs'd the same priest, losing each and everytime ( Fuuckk you shadow! ) but lasted four times the length of the warlock before because I refused to die until I had nothing left. Let that be a rule in arenas, this ain't starcraft guys.. play till the end. You could surprise yourselves.

No longer let your first reaction to the "Out of Combat" on your screen be mount up or drink. Soul harvest! It is by far my current favorite change to the warlock class since the drop of 4.0. Yes, even more than the soul shard and burn changes.

I have an old pre 4.0 arena video that I made with a friend of mine was just learning the game. He brang the bloodlust, I brought the rating. We only ended up about 1700 but a good three of four matches I had to vs. two players by myself because he died so fast. It's been finished, edited and ready for upload for about a month now, but sadly it's too long for a youtube upload and I need to split it into two parts or find another good upload site that can support nearly 20 minute of WoW footage. In the meantime, I'm thinking of putting it on a flash drive and fooling around in aftereffects with it. We'll see which version turns out better, but you can expect that to be up as soon as I have time.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Blog Begins

God this is something new. So, I have a few friends that have blogs now and I admire them for it but they just don't seem to update them that often. Maybe it's just the fact that I just started this blog but I want to be able to update it as much as possible. As I make a lot of videos and it seems that more than a few warlocks need a little bit of a guide, I'm hoping I can help.

I'll warn you now, I am NOT a good warlock, or player. I know some basics and expand on them and if you read this expecting some expert play by plays, you best go waste your hard earned two bucks on Skill-Capped.

Things to look forward to right now? Some crappy arena video that I have ready but need to upload, some opinions of a warlock that has no idea what he's talking about, a PTR show and video of the current destro and, of course random shit a long the way.

Welcome, to Farmer Blarr's Blog.